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Schumacher Homes - It finally got built but.....
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Flooded basement weekly, sloppy work beyond, constant puddle in garage that I step in daily, because they ignored my request for a drain and 'sloped' the garage, which clearly they didn't. Waiting on painters to return from nine months ago, NINE! Loosing shingles on my roof - my dream house is a nightmare, and hopefully I will be able to unload it within the next couple of years. I spend my weekends wet vacuuming my basement and this happens... Read more

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I had a home built for me out of the Greenville/Spartanburg SC office starting in the spring of 2015. The house was built on schedule and at cost except for the things I added during build. My only complaint is the cost of options. Any problems found were corrected without a fight. I was careful and made sure the contract was written with exactly what I wanted. Do not use verbal as expectation. Use contract. When in doubt, put it in... Read more

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Choosing your selections is very easy and their show room is great. Schumacher subs everything and they really do not care who does the home. Drywall, electrical, trim, carpet are all sub par. The window base trim isn't cut strait and does not fit the windows. I had several electrical circuits that did not work. I'm not an electrician and the circuits I wired work correctly. Come on, the electrician should have checked his work. ... Read more

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I am agreeing with everyone here. Stay away! I have nothing good to say about them except their sales person was very nice and the process of picking out things and the designing the floor plan and changing items was very simple. That is where they get you.... They suck you in and you sign. One you sign they have you. Everything goes downhill from there. We had issues every step of the way. They even dig and poured out foundation too close to... Read more

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I would never recommend Schumacher Homes. They have poorly detailed plans and rely on inexperienced subcontractors, with almost no Shumacher supervision. Shumacher supervision was less than 15 hours total on a $250K home I built with them. They lie about what they are going o complete and tell you to wait until the end and they will fix everything, after you close and they have your money. Then they do not come back and they never finish. ... Read more

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My husband and I visited Charlotte/Mooresville model. The recent weekend snow was clearing and melting. I contacted the 800# and received a voicemail from Heather stating that the model was open, and that my husband and I woul be added to the list for today. Upon arrival, we were met with stiff and minimal greeting. We were told that the model was closed, and that only the Pikes Peak office (design center) was open. We actually had to ask if it... Read more

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You'll be sorry if you hire Schumacher to build your house. It is too much to list here but you'll remember that I told you. And remember, you can not sue the Schumacher, there is only arbitration available. If you think it is ok, well you will think differently after running in countless issues with them. If you hear word Schumacher Homes just run and don't look behind. You'll be glad you did. It is unbelievable how they build houses. They cut... Read more

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We recently took ownership of a Schumacher Home. They will tell you what you want to here until you sign the contract. We specifically told Schumacher Homes that due to our last home purchase we did not want any amish carpenters working on our new home because they work too fast and have little or no attention to detail.  After the signing of the contract the first people I saw working on the framing was an eight man crew of amish carpenters. ... Read more

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Does anyone have anything good to say about Schumacher? We are looking at building a Schumacher home, but are very hesitant because of all the negative reviews. There must be something good about them, can you please enlighten us. We started with Americas Home Place then went to an independent builder to another independent builder that kept us on the line for 9 months and then got upset because I asked a question on additional drawing charges... Read more

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We must agree with virtually all negative comments on this site. From signing the initial contract to pouring the foundation took 11 months, then another 13 months until closing. Nowhere near the "6-month guarantee." The Asheville office is the one we dealt with. To replace the structure in case of a devastating disaster, insurance will only pay 70% of our actual cost. One positive to say would be the creativity in coming up with excuses for why... Read more

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