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This is an expensive builder. We were looking at a home in the Charlotte office that approached 400,000 and found out that the home didnt have any hardwood, laminatte countertops, vinyl floors and fiberglass showers with no doors. We coukdnt believe it! They talk about how great their included featurees are but track builders have better features included than these guys. Everything is an option with these guys, even a door on my fiberglass... Read more

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We were considering looking into building with Schumacher Homes in Ohio and reading these reviews, I think we have changed our minds and will be looking for another builder. The most important thing to me is the quality of the home since we are trying to build our forever home. And the thought of having structural issues, leaking or mold is too nightmarish to consider. Thank you to the people posting here. I'm so sorry about your experiences. ... Read more

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My wife and I went to Schumacher homes in February 2016 and we're told it would be done by Thanksgiving it is now the middle of September and I have had to leave work early 4 times to babysit the building process. If I would have known this I would have done it myself. I don't have time for this that's why I hired someone. I am only on the foundation process and the couldn't even lay the house out I basically had to leave work and do it for... Read more

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Schumacher came out and played block and for one the footer was dug deeper than needed on half the house then on the rest it has one course of block it doesn't need which I am not going to accept. Very poor service to this point. I have a builder and I have yet to see him here to make a decision. If I knew it was going to be like this I would have subbed it out myself. *** I could lay better block and have never done it before in my life it... Read more

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Had Schumacher build our house over 4 years ago. Whenever it rains hard water runs down the basement wall. Have had 3 different representatives here to try and resolve issue. Last call with Schumacher I was told they had a new idea to stop leak. They were supposed to call back over 3 months ago and haven't heard anything. Think twice before using this contractor! Read more

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Worst builder in central Ohio.That's all I can say about this builder. If anyone is planning to go with them and would like to see the model homes, please don't go to their homes, instead come to my home and you will not regret for your decisions. Worst staff and the manager is a good for nothing guy. Always money minded and no concern for customers at all! They show you a beautiful horse and will deliver a donkey just like the company. Read more

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If you are thinking about building with Schumacher Homes some things you need to know prior to getting hooked on their model homes. The base price will not include any of the items you see in the models, all of it are upgrades, you will pay top dollar for junk for the so called included items! We went as far as the design meeting to be told 2 days later that our lot prep would cost nearly $60k, we were given an estimate of $35k to start with. I... Read more

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we signed our contract in march of 2014. Schumacher builder told us that the house would be complete in 6 months. the build took 14 months. the house turned out alright except a craftsman column we paid 2200 dollars for was not installed because the base of brick and stone was not in the proper place. I was not told of a problem with the column till 3 days before the closing on the construction loan. I received 2x4s wrapped in cedar for my 2200... Read more

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I'm in the process of building a home using Schumacher Homes. The process started out slow but soon picked up and the house was underway. The problems started when the main part of the house was complete. The first problem was the wrong (not the color we ordered) siding was put on the entire house. The rock we picked out was not available but we weren't told this until 6 weeks into the build. Then the steps to the front and back porch was... Read more

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We are planning to build a home on our lake property in SC and I began meeting with Schumacher January 2016. We met in person on 3 occasions, each meeting required a 1hour and 40 minute drive from home in Atlanta to their office in Duncan. Each meeting was a huge dis-appointment, all the rep was interested in doing was adding up our "add-ons" he never once offered us suggestion on how we might build more economically. In addition, phone... Read more

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