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The quality of their build leaves little to be desired. Everyday we find something else.

Warranty...joke...keep up on your home maintenance. Why should I have home maintenance on a brand new home that is year old. We have bubbling flashing..doors that were not set right. Painting..omg don't even get me going.

Driveway issue that is being blamed on us and we have had other contractors look at it and they clearly see what was NOT done properly even though our pleading to delay pour was ignored cause they wanted to close on time for their year end. Closing day...vendors stiil working and list of issues that keep on coming. The personal builders are over worked and stretched beyond the extent.

No way can they keep an accurate eye on houses when they are 50 miles away and apart from each other. Our dream home has become a nightmare and if we could(but we can't cause we spent all here) we would not choose them!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Schumacher Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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After reading all the complaints against Schumacher homes...I have decided not to purchase one of their homes. Thanks everyone for the insight into poor workmanship and shady practices. I believe you have saved me a lot of grief and money.

Okemos, Michigan, United States #1341028

Former sub contractor employee.

I can verify the vast majority of what you guys are saying is correct..

I saw it first hand and am glad not to be involved with those crooks anymore.

Greeneville, Tennessee, United States #1299757

Which Schumacher homes was this problem located, city/state?

to Jo #1300097

North Carolina

to Anonymous Asheville, North Carolina, United States #1304783

Where in nc

to Lynn #1325314

I've been considering building a Schumacher home in nc. I'm assuming you had to deal with the store in Asheville nc?

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