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Schumacher Homes are all talk they say what ever they need to do to get you to sign and once you sign nothing you want gets done. They choose to do things without consulting the customer and when the customer expresses concerns they don't take the time to listen or to achieve what you want.

The quality is only as good as what you pay for. Schumacher gets the lowest bid (but not the best contractor) but never passes the saving onto the customer but does pass on the poor quality and aggrevation. I highly recommend never going with them it is one head ache after another. We actually had to get rid of them and hire someone to finish their disaster.

When building your dream home take the time and research and ask for a list of referrals and you want more than the normal 5 or 6 because they don't tell you 50% of the clients are not satisfied with their home.

Just be aware and think twice before hiring them.

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The shreveport office manager is a conman who lies and will avoid the customer. He makes his staff do his work.

you can tell he hates his job and does not care.

Avoid at all cost! nightmare!

Pine River, Wisconsin, United States #220842

I'm happy to see someone was happy with Schumacher Homes. My experience was a nightmare and still paying for it now.

Even though its in the agreement, Schumacher homes will not comply with the contract without a fight and the fight will cost you. You pay for your own legal expenses and must have an arbitrator not a Judge hear your case. Oh, did I fail to mention, the arbitrator must have construction experience? You have better luck looking for a rattle snake in Alaska wild.

It took me 3 months of kicking and screaming to have the brick on my house installed according to the contract. Their main reply was, "it doesn't look that bad!" For Mr. Legal One, sure you will not have problems. For you to fight them, the cost would be miminium to you.

For me, Lawyer fees are out of this world. Cost and fees would cost me as much as the repair cost of $15,000. Then what about the appeal process?

Another five years? For additional information and pictures, write me at citizenoflouisiana@yahoo.com.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #145127

Again I was there when Shreveport homer built,yes we poured the driveway,However the City of Shreveport never ran the water main to the homeowners lot,That had nothing to do with Schumacher Homes,But again you have a customer that over react's before the home was finished.The homeowner had to get the CITY not Schumacher to come out and run the water to the main,and THEY not schumacher tore up the driveway,But guess who paid for the repair,Schumacher steped in and repaired the drive at no cost when they did not have to.I saw the survey they filled out before I left,and they ended up being happy over all Im sure the local office still has the copy.But Instead of waisting you time on here,do yourself a favor,and go look at the facts.


Shreveport Homeowner, I want 2 use Schumacher Homes. I live 2 in Shreveport and after reading your complaint, it sort of scares me 2 use them now after I read what u said about them. If u get this please e-mail me:


Thank u

Chris Norris


We are useing Paul Schumacher Homes

of Shreveport. We were told that we would close on Nov30,09.

We have had 3 different closeing dates. We have caught the builder in several lies. The cabnets are two colers they pourd the driveway and then had to tear it up to install the sewer and now want us to pay to repair the driveway there is no final grade a nd the lot is a mess. The painting was not done right and the blueprints were not followed.

We have yet to close and will follow up with this then. I hope they do what they promissed if not we will provide anyone with photos of what we are talking about.


Be aware when you give them the deposit look very close at the 3 ring binder they want you to sign and agree to read it all you are giveing up all your rights for holding them resposible for what they are building you have to use there arbatrators for any disputes you have and you have to pay for it my advise stay away from these people they do not live up to there word and do not stand behind the products they use and never let anyone use the andersen 200 series windows on your home they are junk I will never use them again nor would i recomend them to anyone

Murchison, Texas, United States #10044

I am an attorney that built with Schumacher Homes,it was the 3rd home I've built,and their process was much easier than the previous two I built with other builders.The Andersen windows were far better than the builder grade window's that I was constantly wiping puddles of water off my window seals from the condensation build up from the aluminum windows the other builders Installed. I have to agree with the post above, being an attorney there is always two sides to every story,There are consumer protection laws in every state,and I can assure you A builder cannot put a lien on your property without a good reason.My daughter built with them,as well as 2 refferals of mine.

Murchison, Texas, United States #9893

As I stated we were very happy with Schumacher Homes,and the service rendered,I spoke with other homeowners they allowed us to walk through their homes,and were very pleased as well.just look at the right side of this page theres complaints against Target,J.C.Penny,etc,etc...These blogs are a place for venting,but not a place to decide what you should do as far as building. anyone could be filling these sites up with propaganda,even one of Schumacher's competitors..hummm...call your local BBB like we did,as well as the Home Builders Assoc. AS a matter of fact we got a check back at closing for funds they didnt use out of our allowences.

Bastrop, Texas, United States #9275

I had my house built last year in the Durham, NC area by Schumacher homes after being recommended by relatives who live in Ohio. I was impressed by the communication and quality of the house and still am after more than year living there.

I observed the contruction as it was being built and the quality is the same as the wall of quality. All building codes were met and no liens made.

Salem, Oregon, United States #7943

I don't know about other areas, but in Columbia SC they should advertise a free medchanic's lien with each home purchase. In addition to being completely ignored about warranty complaints they don't pay the subs and the owner gets the mechanic's lien.


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