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Excellent customer service

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Overall, I am very happy with my Schumacher home. I'd recommend Schumacher Homes to anyone looking for a new build house.
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Tegan Lri
map-marker Oak Harbor, Ohio

Nothing but praise for Bowling Green team

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Schumacher Homes - Nothing but praise for Bowling Green team
Schumacher Homes - Nothing but praise for Bowling Green team - Image 2
Schumacher Homes - Nothing but praise for Bowling Green team - Image 3
Schumacher Homes - Nothing but praise for Bowling Green team - Image 4
Schumacher Homes - Nothing but praise for Bowling Green team - Image 5

From start to finish and follow up one year after we moved in review

July 2022 - I have never been to Schumacher homes. My husband and I wanted to visit and to see what plans and designs they had to offer.

We met with Brian Nelson at the Cygnet site. He was incredible to work with. His professionalism, pride and attentiveness to what we were looking for was amazing. Just by talking with him initially on the phone and sharing our wants in a new home he presented us with a home plan that was a great template to start with.

After our second meeting, he was able to then create a custom home to our very liking. He was never pushy. He always kept our plans in mind. It was an incredible experience.

No wonder we decided to go with Schumacher Homes.

Update one year later Aug. 2023

Just as Aaron Mahan promised, Schumacher came back out 1 year later to our home and addressed every single area of concern that we had. They repaired nail pops, corner beads, imperfections of any kind. They are top notch.

They repainted the repaired areas. And even Culley, our Schumacher Warranty Repair Rep, cleaned my fan blades while he was putting a finishing touch on our wooden beam. (See photo) They brought out the very best 3rd party dry wall/painter. Mark Lewandowski is awesome.

Culley and Mark made this a painless and even great experience. NEVER did they look down on one of our needs. They were like Give it to us!! If you want to build and you want the care after the build, then Schumacher is the builder with integrity, the professionalism, the skill and the follow through youre looking for.

Our Schumacher Contractor during the build was Brian Arbaugh. I cannot begin to thank him enough for pretty much holding our hand through the entire process. His professionalism and integrity went above and beyond. Thank you Aaron Mahan for the incredible patients and follow through since we moved into our home back in August 2022.

You have orchestrated so much on our behalf and we are profoundly grateful. Thank you Schumacher Homes for building us our forever home and for ensuring even a year later that it is every bit what we expected it to be and what you ensured it would be.

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User's recommendation: Excellent home builder‼

map-marker Oak Harbor, Ohio

Perfect from start to finish.

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Schumacher Homes - Perfect from start to finish.
Schumacher Homes - Perfect from start to finish. - Image 2
Schumacher Homes - Perfect from start to finish. - Image 3
Schumacher Homes - Perfect from start to finish. - Image 4
Schumacher Homes - Perfect from start to finish. - Image 5
We could not be more pleased with our new home. Great workmanship and awesome follow through. Solid constructed home that will stand the test of time and is beautiful.
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User's recommendation: Very worth considering Schumacher. Custom built as any other.

map-marker Bellevue, Washington

Poor workmanship and taking advantage of a situation

My Aunt's home took a lot of damage during hurricane Ida and was not safe to live in. Her grandson who is stationed overseas had her home tore down and hired this company to rebuild.This company took advantage of this opportunity to do a shabby job.

There is poor workmanship from the slab to the rafters they took no pride in their work at all. My Aunt is 80 years old her daughter knows nothing about construction and her grandson is overseas so they took advantage of this situation to do a horrible job.They need to take pride in their work not take advantage of people.Would not hire them to build a doghouse because it would collapse.Do not hire them.

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Totally agree. Horrible work.

I would NEVER recommend.

As a matter of fact, there is a Facebook page … victims of Schumacher homes. They should be sued for the work they do.

map-marker Weaverville, North Carolina

1 Year Chronology of a Stressful Build

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I signed my contract in March 2014 and started my own chronology just for my own reference. This was my forth house built during my life, so I was not new to the building process. I too looked at their model and a few houses under construction and decided to go with the model with some changes. Realize this was not a cheap house and is over 2700 sq ft. I wrestled with the idea of posting my entire chronology, but decided that I should. I have read many comments that are not very helpful about how awful the builder is, but that doesn’t really help a person trying to decide to go forward with them or not. So please read the chronology. Schumacher thinks they did fine and are proud of what they did. I disagree and could not recommend them. Decide for yourself.

By the way, I didn’t include any names. But if there is any question about the validity of anything stated, I have names, emails, pictures, etc that I can post.

3/27/2014 – Contract signed with contingency for sale of house. I also asked, from back on 3/9, about the site cost since we had changed plans from original. I don’t think Schumacher ever went back on site to re-shoot the corners for correct block and grade costs.

4/22/2014 – Release signed, expectation is pre-*** will be scheduled as soon as design selections are done

4/26/2014 – Design meeting and all items selected. Expectation is it will take about 3 weeks to get the drawings back.

5/3/2014 – Sent appliance list for pricing and inclusion on contract.

5/19/2014 – Still no date for the CAD drawings.

5/22/2014 – Almost a month but the drawings are back. Now told I need to do site plan, septic and well permit. I did not know that, I thought these were coordinated by Schumacher. Now working hard to get all of this done.

5/23/2014 – Confirmed the appliances

6/27/2014 – After completing the site plan, septic permit, HOA approval and miscellaneous requirements, the pre-*** was completed. Expectation is the drawings should be back in a few weeks and then the permit and construction can start.

7/1/2014 – Informed Schumacher the dishwasher was not correct, even though it was the one listed on 5/3 and confirmed on 5/23. Said a change order would be issued to reflect the right one.

7/17/2014 – Status is that CAD should have the drawings done the next week. House should be started by the beginning to middle of August.

7/23/2014 – After requesting a status on the drawings numerous times, they are finally done. I went by the office and reviewed the plans that day. Told the permit was being applied for. One change order to move a window to the center of the wall from the edge in one of the bedrooms. No charge. Still no change order for the appliance dishwasher.

8/8/2014 – After repeated requests for a status of the start date I received a message that stated the building permit was applied for and will start as soon as they get it. The excavator has been scheduled. I then called the builder and excavator and he was not scheduled. I asked why the permit was just applied for when I was told it was applied for on the 7/23. Told they couldn’t get the permit until ‘Ops released’. That was news to me. Was then told that the GM would call me Monday to discuss. Also told it was typical that they start construction 45 days from pre-***.

8/8/2014 – Received 2 change orders, they were 100 and 101, but they were both the same saying the window needed to be moved. Still no change order for the appliance dishwasher. I sent both change orders back signed with a note.

8/11/2014 – GM called around lunch time and said he would look in to why the house was not started. He acted like it was a permit issue from the county. I knew that it still had not been applied for. Said he would call back that afternoon or tomorrow by lunch with an update.

8/12/2014 – No call from GM, left a message

8/15/2014 – No call from GM, left a message. Called the Regional Manager and explained my frustration based on expectations and lack of communications. He said my description of what had happened was unacceptable and that Schumacher prided themselves in communicating with the customer. Said he would look in to it at once. Received a voice mail from the GM at 7 PM apologizing for not calling me and they would be starting the house in August, but had no date. Said further follow up should be with my builder.

8/18/2014 – Sent email inquiring about the change orders (duplicate and one missing). No response

8/18/2014 – Regional Sales Manager stated they would start in August

8/19/2014 – Excavator will start this week

8/21/2014 – Excavator will start Friday (8/22)

8/22/2014 – Excavator was delayed due to another job. Will start early next week. It is now 45 days from pre-*** and escrow funded.

8/26/2014 – During the last few weeks, no word from the GM or answer to the change orders. In fact, no communication with the office at all. Has now been over 4 months since contract and release were signed. If I had known it would take this long, I would have not signed with Schumacher.

8/26/2014 – Excavator started on property in the afternoon

9/1/2014 – Footers dug today. Official Start of Construction. 52 days after pre-*** and escrow.

9/4/2014 – General Manager removed from position, Regional Sales Manager acting GM

9/8/2014 – Footers still not complete and not poured. Rain has delayed work. Sad that August was perfect weather but Schumacher did nothing. Talked to Regional Manager (acting GM), asked if he could give me an estimated completion date, said around early February.

9/15/2014 – Rain this week. House still not started. Footers will have to be re-dug.

9/29/2014 – Footers dug and poured, foundation walls completed today. Change orders need to be reviewed. Foundation wall at Master bedroom is 3 feet higher than drawings, just as I thought back when initial costs were defined.

10/3/2014 – Change orders finally ok except for dishwasher, still waiting for that. Stucco was done poorly and they are re-doing it. Inspection passed.

10/9/2014 – Stucco re-done and looks good. Rough grade started, gravel fill in garage, but still has to finish Rough grade.

10/10/2014 – Rough grade finished. Due to the back wall (foundation) being higher than planned (due to not re-shooting for estimate), the plan for the patio and stairs will not work. Submitted alternative to have it as a deck and is being reviewed. I don’t think I should pay a change order cost since the patio could not be built as drawn.

10/18/2014 – Foundation walls have been done almost 3 weeks and framing has not started. 33% of construction time has elapsed and only foundation walls done.

10/23/2014 – Framing all week. Walls are up, trusses should be delivered today. Builder says still on target for early February.

11/03/2014 – Framing delayed due to materials not being on site, still waiting for composite. Septic still not started. Reason for material being delayed and not enough is blamed on a poor estimator that did not estimate the material correctly and has been fired.

11/07/2014 – Nothing really done this week. Waiting on material again. Roof ¾ done and exposed to rain, been that way for 10 days. Framing is now been in progress for 3 weeks and not done (Not Framers fault, waiting on material). Not what you would expect from a quality builder. My estimate is that they are about 3 weeks behind schedule. And this is after I was told that this house is being expedited. Change order requested for back deck change still not done.

11/14/2014 – Material finally delivered and framing done except for some of the deck (still not enough material delivered!). Supposed to be a lot of activity next week. Shingles, garage floor poured, septic installed, windows and doors. Plumber and Gas Company to meet with me Monday.

11/17/2014 – Rain today. Framing, windows and shingles should have been done before this, now the house is exposed again to weather and more delays. Doubt septic will be done any time soon (should have been done weeks ago). Based on continued delays of material and vendors, now estimate that are at least 4 weeks behind.

11/21/2014 – Shingles were delivered and started, but of course not enough were delivered. Blamed the bad estimator again. So more shingles will not be delivered until Monday. Septic still not started. Windows and doors did not show up this week, said they were ordered. How we can still be waiting for them after the builder knew when we would need them is beyond belief. This delays the HVAC and other items from starting. Roofers did the front porch composite. They nailed the stair treads instead of screws. It will need to be re-done.

In reading this you are probably thinking this is embellished. What builder could perform so poorly? I promise I have not embellished anything, and in fact, have left some things out for the sake of brevity.

Other notes: - I found that the final drawings of the house had been modified and some electrical had been changed, I was not told and no revision was noted. GM said he did not know how this could have happened. Builder said I would get what was in original drawing. – Change order for the deck has been 6 weeks and nothing back, if they can’t even do this, tells you about their commitment about how they can design a house fast.

11/24/2014 – Shingles delivered but no roofers, maybe tomorrow. At this point there is no date for the windows and doors. House continues to sit exposed to elements after over a month since framing started. I know the house has to be behind schedule, but no word from builder. Nothing Schumacher has stated as far as house dates and process has happened. I could never recommend Schumacher.

11/25/2014 – Roof was in progress and should be done. The new GM called late in the day to introduce himself and give me a status. All POs have been reviewed and corrected, which was caused by a bad estimate. Windows and Doors NOT here until 12/04. Stated that the PO was sent to the vendor but the vendor did not order anything. Another week of no activity. Said they would do all possible to finish by end of February, which is Guarantee Date or pay penalty. I have little confidence.

12/5/2014 – HVAC and plumbing in progress, garage floor poured. But still no windows and doors. Further behind schedule. Still no word on the septic, which should have been done months ago. GM called late and said the windows/doors did not come in but they are on a truck. But no one knows where the truck is. Driveway in front of garage is a muddy mess, excavator never finished the last section of construction driveway or rough grade in front of garage, so it is a swamp that gets tracked in to the house and over the composite deck.

12/09/2014 – Electricians started today, HVAC continues

12/10/2014 – Hooray! Windows and doors finally here and install has started. All is on site except 4 panel slider.

12/12/2014 – Windows and doors installation done except for slider. Schumacher doesn’t get draw until all are installed. HVAC almost done, plumbing done, electrical underway. Propane tank delivered. Waiting for excavator to install septic and bury tank.

12/17/2014 – Still waiting on slider, new date is January 1st. Still waiting on excavator to finish grade, install septic and bury propane. HVAC done. Plumbing and electrical done except for a few minor issues, including ordering a new shower pan because the old one was wrong. Framing of TV niche wrong. Still waiting for deck to be done. Haven’t heard a date for the well.

12/19/2014 – Siding started. Inside fireplace in.

12/30/2014 – Siding continues and looking good. But they are short on material, after I was told all of the POs were reviewed and fixed. Slider still not in, front of house still a muddy mess. Framer still has not done boxed range vent and other items. Shower tub still not fixed. Outside fireplace in but has a 1’ square switch on the front, not acceptable. The fireplace is also a ventless instead of direct vent per contract.

1/3/2015 – Shower tub fixed, siding mostly done. Insulation mostly done. No Slider (waiting two months), no septic, mud everywhere due to poor grading, framer not started range vent, or outside deck. Fireplace not addressed.

1/7/2015 – Met with Builder and GM, said insulation should be done tomorrow as well as some other minor stuff to get ready for dry wall, which will hopefully start Friday. No date for the slider, but GM stated this will not hold up progress. Fireplace will be looked at. Estimated completion is still end of February, but will be close and depends partially on weather.

1/10/2015 – Nothing really done this week. Drywall was supposed to start today, but nothing. Framer has not fixed items, like boxing the vented range. I would think this has to be done before dry wall. Has been dry all week, but no septic. Outside fireplace not addressed. I see no way for the house to be done by end of February.

1/13/2015 – Dry wall underway. Range hood framed and fireplace niche fixed. No word on outside fireplace or septic. Slider supposed to be shipped end of week.


1/24/2015 – Deck is almost complete, short some composite since the wrong color was delivered. Nothing done on fireplace. Excavator called and said he would be out next week. It has been dry all week but rain expected this weekend, so will be wet again. So more excuses that it is wet, when they don’t show up when it is dry. Slider installed but is not correct. Supposed to be a 4 panel slider that opens in the middle. We have been waiting months for this custom slider to be built. But a 2 panel slider was installed with a fixed panel on each side. So three separate stock pieces, of which only one panel (of the 2 panel slider) opens. These are stock sliders and not custom. In addition, the installation was very poor, with hacked cuts that are not straight and look terrible. Not acceptable and the GM and Area VP were alerted. Schumacher should be embarrassed.

1/29/2015 – Today marks the Anticipated Date for completion. Schumacher defines this in the contract as the commitment date which is 150 days from start of construction. Start of construction is defined as footers dug. The interesting point is that when the footers were dug, Schumacher already stated they could not meet that date. Why put a date in the contract that cannot be met? Of course, there is no penalty, so they can put in anything they want to get the customer to sign.

1/30/2015 – Deck is complete. Trim person (only 1 guy) on site most of the week. Installing interior doors, baseboards and casing of windows. Couldn’t finish since dry wall vendor didn’t jam 4 windows, didn’t round 8 corners and didn’t finish one opening. Trim person scheduled to continue next week with beams and cabinets, probably at least 1.5 weeks left. Nothing done on fireplace. As expected, rain so excavator didn’t come. When it is dry he has higher priorities, then when it rains he says he can’t come. Nothing done on slider. Schumacher said it was the right one, we said we didn’t want it, waiting all week for them to tell us options. Garage door installed.

2/5/2015 – Schumacher states the slider installed is what was paid for, but I said we were told it would be a four panel with center opening. Said I was willing to pay more and to show me options. We were finally told a slider like we want is available, but still waiting to know time to order and price. Fireplace control finally fixed. No excavator even though it is now drying out, no date given. Trim continues to move forward, but delays include the drywall still not done as noted above, waiting for hardware to finish stair balusters, and no scaffolding to build beams.

Schumacher requested the trim draw, but since the drywall and trim is not done, I said no.

Schumacher finally admitted they will not meet the Guarantee Completion Date and now have said the date will be 3/20. That is 50 days past the Anticipated Date and 20 days past the Guarantee Date.

2/13/2015 – Trim continues (only 1 person) and is nearing completion. Excavator finally came on site Friday and started grade for driveway, drainage and buried septic and propane tanks. Waiting for county to flag drain field. Don’t know why they waited until now to call the county. New slider was ordered and will take 3 weeks to come in. Slider was ordered on 2/11 and takes 3 weeks to make. No other work done. I think 3/20 is ambitious for completion based on progress.

Found out that we have a new Customer Coordinator (this is the person that handles the change orders, including allocations) and draws. With that change we have had the following people change during the course of our contract. Sales Person, GM, Customer Coordinator and two builders (but not ours). This seems like a lot of change for one office.

2/21/2015 – Poor weather and very cold this week, little could be done. Trim done except for a few baseboard corners. Tile and wood flooring delivered. Painters started interior today. Front of house is now a muddy mess again. When floors go in the mud will be everywhere.

2/28/2015 – Today is the Guarantee Move In Date, 150 days from start of construction and a $1000 penalty. Date is estimated at 3/20/2015, which will be very tight.

This week the wood floors were installed. Work is in progress on the tile floors (2 bathrooms and laundry room) and master shower. All about 75% done. Painting prime done in all rooms. Two drywall corners still need to be done, some trim and still waiting for the new slider. Snow this week so no progress on septic field or further grading.

3/2/2015 – Many of the tasks and vendors that should have been on site and making progress just isn’t happening. I feel the 3/20 date is in real jeopardy, especially the septic. Sent an email to the VP, GM and builder that was fairly harsh in my disappointment. Got back emails and calls saying they would do everything they could to complete on the new date (3/20) and gave me a list of activities that would be done this week. We will see, but I have heard it before.

Still no date for slider, here is a recap of the windows and doors saga:

The doors and windows were delayed due to the order not going in. They should have gone in by mid November. GM stated they should be in on December 4th. The windows and doors were finally installed on December 10th, but was told the 4 panel slider would be a week or two more. Was then told the slider would be delivered after January 1st. The slider was finally installed on January 24th. Two months late! But not the slider we were told during the sale. We were told it would be a 4 panel center open similar to the model. What was installed was a 3 piece slider, with two fixed panels and a single 2 panel slider in the middle, which meant only one of the 4 panels opened. I stated this was not acceptable and wanted options, including saying I would pay extra for the right one. It took two more weeks to get options and another week to order it. Much to my amazement, I get no credit for the wrong slider and had to pay for a second slider. I was asked what I wanted to do with the first slider since I owned it, I had a couple of ideas. What the *** am I going to do with it? So the slider will end up costing me over $4400. It was ordered on February 11th with a 3 week lead time. That 3 weeks is up on today (3/2), but no news on a date.

3/3/2015 – The construction driveway has been an issue I have documented since October. As I stated, the last 30 feet or so of the construction driveway was never constructed. And when the water drains off the roof, causes a mud lake in front of the house. I even threatened last month to not pay draw 4 until this was fixed and you said I could not delay the draw for that reason.

No vehicles have been able to get to the front of the garage or front door for over a month, and now (yesterday) a truck delivering the stone for the fireplaces got stuck at the top of the driveway. When I left they were manually carrying the stone down the driveway and stacking it both inside and outside the house. I can only imagine the mess I will see today. I also assume they had to get a wrecker to pull the truck out.

I will be heading out there shortly to take pictures of the driveway and damage done to my neighbor’s property. I don’t know how much more damage was done since I left before the truck was pulled out.

My fear now is that no vehicles may be able to get down the driveway (well, maybe down but not back out).

3/5/2015 - Finally got a delivery date on the slider, not until 3/11 and no install date yet. That is only 7 business days before the completion date (third completion date). Once slider is installed, need to finish siding, trim and paint around slider.

3/7/2015 – Several items started or completed this week. Water line from well installed. Plumbing mostly done (need hookup to water heater). HVAC done, except gas to lower deck and some minor items. Electricians started and well under way. Interior painting continues. Only 2 weeks left, lots still has to be done.

Septic field put in today, waiting for inspection on Monday.

Customer Coordinator they recently hired just quit, now have a new person, but they have been at Schumacher, so not a new employee.

3/9/2015 – Septic inspected and completed. Electric is done except generator, pendants, appliances and puc lights. There were supposed to be 12 puc lights as part of the shelving in the great room. Electricians stated there was no PO for this or installation defined. Another issue with POs being issued wrong.

Stone installed on front of house.

3/12/2015 – Driveway finally fixed with new gravel, railings going in, stone on fireplace inside and out.

3/14/2015 – SLIDER INSTALLED!!! Gutters going in, painting continues.

3/16/2015 – Electric done, painting continues, gas run to lower deck, trim continues. But no generator, fridge or counter for desk. House was supposed to be done last month, so how can these not be there? Real doubtful house will be done Friday

3/18/2015 – Trim done except for around bottom of some cabinets, waiting for material. Electric and gas to house done. Driveway formed, painting started on exterior. Final grade in progress. House will not be done by 3/20 Friday. Builder now says 3/25, next Wednesday.

3/20/2015 – Driveway formed but not poured, they said Monday. There is no reason it could not have been poured today or Saturday. Now even if the house is done 3/25 Wednesday, I cannot drive a moving truck on it, so I can’t move in.

Seed and straw done.

Even though the gas company has run the gas line to the house, no one seems to know who or how to hook the gas to the generator. Surely I can’t be the first person to install a generator.

Seems that once the date is extended then everyone figures they have more time and all slows down.

3/21/2015 – No one really did much on Friday or Saturday, you would think more activity would occur since they must be done on the 25th and they have already missed three dates.

Noticed today the painters painted the garage door windows and there is a large dent in the garage door! Who paints over freakin windows!! There are also scratches on some of the wood floor in the great room, just as I thought there would be, even though Schumacher said they would be protected. The refrigerator was finally delivered, but it looks like they bashed and scraped some corners in the house, they just don’t care.

3/24/2015 – House is scheduled to be done tomorrow! Driveway poured yesterday, stairs in progress. Inspector said we need stairs (should be done), crawl space door and verification of GFI for 2nd bathroom and kitchen island. That will give us the C/O for power to be turned on. Still finishing painting. Items outstanding include some trim, range hood cover, fireplace trim, and mirrors. The other minor things will be on the punch list.

3/25/2015 – On the date they are supposed to be done, none of the outstanding items were done. The range cover could not go on because of the way the tile was done. So the tile needs to be removed and re-done. And the range would not push back to the wall because the *** installing the gas put the gas pipe too high, so the range hits it. Still no fireplace guys or the cut off. And place is a mess outside and in the garage, will probably just clean it up myself.

3/29/2015 – Many items of significance outstanding. Garage and grounds are not cleaned and are a mess, cant park cars in garage. Mini-split not wired, fireplaces not on, dishwasher not working, mirrors not in, vent hood cover not done.

4/5/2015 – Following are items of significance since moving in:

- After back and forth with HVAC and Electrician on who should wire the mini split, Schumacher hired another electrician to do it. It is wired, but now holes in dry wall in garage that need to be fixed

- Range vent hood will not fit. Tile has to be removed and redone

- Fireplace surround on inside fireplace will not fit, stone has to be changed

- Generator was not wired, electricians wired it and generator start up yesterday.

- 3 cracks in new driveway, waiting to see how this will be addressed.

- Floor is not level in house. Waiting for someone to assess how much it is off and where in the house in addition to back wall of Master Bedroom and Great Room.

- After back and forth with HVAC, they finally agreed that outside fireplace needs a cut-off valve, waiting for install

- Around 15 more items that are more minor that need to be done

4/8/2015 – Although at the closing on 3/26 Schumacher stated that their goal was to complete all outstanding items in 14 days, even though they have 21 days, nothing has really been done. By today the deck boards were to be replaced, the fireplace fixed, and the tile over the range done. But by mid-day, no one is here. Very poor customer service, especially when at the closing we were told the Schumacher would not abandon us just because we have paid them all the money. This is not a company anyone should do business with.

4/13/2015 – Deck boards were replaced on front porch and railings fixed. Now stone has to be fixed that were removed on porch for deck boards. Generator person asked why the mini-split was not on the generator, told him the electricians said it couldn’t be. Generator person said it was no problem. So Schumacher had another electrician come out and fix it. Schumacher also looked at the floor and acknowledged it was sloped at the back left of the house, but no issue existed other than the slight slope. They agreed to screen under back deck as compensation for the slope. I agreed reluctantly because there is no real solution to fix the floor and now I have to live with it. SUCH POOR QUALITY. Tile guys took out tile around the range cover so the cover would fit correctly, but the re-tile looks very bad and will have to be re-done again.

Found out this morning that our builder is no longer with the company, this now means every person we dealt with during the process has left/fired. I just want to make sure we get through this final stretch and get everything fixed.

4/15/2015 – Stone person arrived yesterday, best solution to fix inside fireplace was to cut stone, now house is covered with stone dust. Someone is supposed to arrive this morning to clean. Nothing else done, list is still long and 21 days is tomorrow.

4/20/2015 – Screen under deck done. Soffit vents installed. After trim around garage was fixed, garage door will now not close. They didn’t even try to close it before they left. Will now have to be re-done.

4/21/2015 – Garage door was adjusted and trim re-applied. Floors, screens done.

5/7/2015 - Now 6 weeks since we closed and moved in. Schumacher said they would have punch list done with 21 days, but many items still outstanding with no date. This includes the tile re-done around range cover, Dentils for front door (this has been outstanding for 6 months), gas cutoff for outdoor fireplace (outstanding for 4 months), cracks in driveway (sub said he would be out weeks ago, no word from him), damage to culvert during construction, and numerous painting needs caused by fixes after construction done. In addition, the fireplace front finally arrived, but it has been redesigned and will not fit, they are looking for an old one. The garage panel that was dented came in but does not line up with the rest of the door. Waiting to see if door has to be replaced, that will take at least a month.

I told Schumacher that I must have a plan with dates by next Wednesday or I will escalate to owners of Schumacher (Paul and Bill), will submit a complaint to the BBB and will post all of my chronology on social media.


5/15/2015 – Now 7 weeks since close and punch list still not finished. Painting, tile and gas cutoff done. Still waiting for driveway fix, door dentils, garage door and road culvert to be fixed. I was also promised that the garage would be pressure washed since it was used as a work room for all the trades and had everything ground in to the floor. They didn’t have a pressure washer, so they just hand scrubbed it, which did nothing.

5/16/2015 – Super Dave (concrete) was supposed to be here today to fix the driveway. Promise after promise but no action. Of course no one showed. Wrote an email to the builder, GM and VP that I was done with them and now escalating to Bill and Paul Schumacher, BBB and social. I am done with them.

5/18/2015 – Was informed by GM that Dave would be here Monday at 11 AM. No one asked if it was convenient for me, and I have already waited for him and he does not show up. I have dirt being delivered Monday to fix the poor grading, so I said no. This morning the dirt was delivered very early, so called the GM to tell him Dave could come anytime during the day if possible. Said he would call me back later in the day and let me know. Now 5:30 PM and no call back.

Outstanding issues still include the damaged road culvert, dentils, garage door and driveway. But I am tired of accepting sub-pad work, which I believe I was forced to in order to get the house done, this includes floors out of level, damaged culvert, final grade not done, driveway cracks and cleanup not done ( I cleaned up the garage and debris from the grounds myself). I asked for $8,000 in compensation for all of this as outlined in the letter below.

Area VP was forwarded the letter and attachment I sent to Paul and Bill Schumacher. So they don’t handle it (not even sure they saw it), but the VP does. Waiting for his call now.

Talked to Area VP, bottom line is I got a lot of excuses, from all driveways crack to no floor is level. Didn’t really accomplish anything. He said he was proud of the house they built. So I will publish all my information to the web.

5/19/2015 – Super Dave the concrete guy came by after being forced to by the builder. Just made excuses and ground and caulked the cracks (3). A new house that looks old. I don’t have much faith this fix will last over time, but nothing I can do but wait and see.

5/20/2015 – Door dentils were finally supposed to be installed today and culvert fixed. At 5:30 PM received a text that only 1 door dentil came in and they expect the other one tomorrow, I doubt it. And the culvert will now be done by Friday, more excuses, more delays.

5/23/2015 – Culvert was supposed to be done by Friday and door dentils installed, but not done and no message as to why. So it doesn’t matter which GM, Builder, Customer Coordinator they have, the story is always the same. Still waiting.

5/27/2015 – No word from Schumacher, they have just gone silent. I finally talked to the builder late today and as I thought, only 1 dentil was ordered and now waiting for the second. They are not fixing the culvert until the dentil comes in. I am waiting for the conclusion of this before I post all of this on the web.

5/29/2015 – Schumacher now saying Monday for the dentils and rock. No date for the garage door. Monday will be 67 days since close and punch list still not done.

6/1/2015 – Door dentils and culvert by road fixed today. Only the garage door panel is left from the punch list. Door panel is being made, no date yet.

6/4/2015 – Paint left by builder for door was not the right color (I asked for it to be left so I could paint it myself rather than wait for painters). Looks like the color mix by Lowes was wrong, not Schumacher’s fault. We got more paint at Sherwin-Williams and is was right.

6/8/2015 – Still waiting for a date on the garage door. Also sent my first warranty request in. Back stairs outside of garage were attached to the foundation using a few small nails, it pulled out and the stairs are unstable. Also, 7 of the 18 windows either will not open or are very hard to open and need to be adjusted.

6/11/2015 – It has now been 5 weeks since the replacement garage door panel did not line up. No date on when it will be in or installed. No word back about warranty items.

I have decided to post this on the web, but will update it in the future if more issues arise.

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  • Detailed contract costs
  • Process
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


Thank you so much for this in-depth experience. I pray that everything worked out for you in the end.


Schumacher went ahead and put up garage doors that didn’t line up (fit properly) at our house- the rain and whatever else gets right in


Check out


Check out


Check out


Same experience with Schumacher horrible

Calum Utt

Totally unacceptable. Builders are always at the mercy of the contractors but this is over the top and your home should have taken priority.

I worked as a builder for Schumacher in South Carolina and this time frame would have never ever been acceptable. The leadership let you down majorly and by the sounds of things were worthless Divinely plenty of blame to go around.


Dear *** You noted that Schumacher eventually addressed all of your concerns. So, it seems to me that they should be considered ok as a builder. I would worry more if a builder balked and did not complete the requested work.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1850230

Dear Undercover Schumacher person, ever heard of right first time?

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1850230

Schumacher is horrible

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map-marker Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia

Highly dissatisfied with customer service, workmanship, turnaround time

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

Poor customer service anytime you ask questions or are not pleased with poor workmanship. Met with excuses as just being cosmetic for a $500k custom home.

CM gets mad anytime you point out that it wasnt performed as it states in contract. Only 1 CM for over a year managing 10-15 homes at a time (lacking oversight to ensure builds are to code). A previous CM was arrested for embezzlement with another place of employment. No GM running the local office for 8 months.

Framing was deviated from the plans causing structural repairs that have to be repaired again, and floor variations due to piers being out of square and different heights. Refuses to provide a list of subcontractors that is required by law. Told for over a year that they are having trouble finding subs to work for them. Told by subcontractors that CMs would allow them to take leftover materials home without asking the homeowners.

Previous CM wanted to use material from another homesite, we said no. No accountability and get pissed anytime you point out issues that need fixed. Complains about having to spend more money fixing poor quality jobs that werent completed. Treats the good subs like crap who have to finish a job that a previous crew didnt complete, and wont pay them for the entire job or tell them about the entirety of the job before they accept the bid, then refuses to provide materials.

No project management software available. Too much material and money wasted by hiring fast and cheap instead of vetting subs.

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User's recommendation: Hire your own home inspectors at each stage of construction, especially for foundation and framing before releasing the next draw and allowing the construction process to move forward. Document everything and don’t accept less than what you pay for.

map-marker Davidson, North Carolina

Owner of a Schumacher home

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Original review Dec 03, 2020

Be prepared to gasp a lot. We originally met with Schumacher in 2016 for a build on property we owned.

Their website had a tab for "Custom Building" which is slightly deceiving. An initial call with a Sales rep. confirmed that custom-building was available. During our appointment it was clear that "custom" meant that you had to make whatever you wanted in a custom built home fit within one of their floor plans.

We went ahead and priced a ranch style home with less than 2000SF and chose the lowest cost interior options with no upgrades. The house was priced at 280K+ by the time he added the bottom line. We were shocked! Late 2018 we came upon a much larger piece of property with a barely six-year-old home already built.

The home was a ranch open floor plan with an unfinished basement. To our surprise, it was a Schumacher home. I was excited because of how much we enjoyed the model homes we toured but the excitement quickly faded once we got out of the car. A large portion of the faux rock foundation was laying on the ground where it had come loose both at the garage and the front door area (easy fix, right?...NOT) The concrete on one side of the parking pad area in front of the garage was badly sloped where it had collapsed and the concrete walkway at the steps entering the front porch had collapsed causing a 5" in.

space under the first step. The gutter above the garage, right in the middle, was sagging which was pouring water over the side because it was raining that day. The front porch columns had chipped paint which immediately showed that either cheap paint was used or it was primed and not painted. We have a lovely covered large porch that goes with those paint chipped columns but when you look up at the ceiling of the porch, the vinyl material is wavy and looks cheap.

The siding on the back of the house was pooching in some areas, wavy in others, already showing faded color and where the siding rests on the bottom behind a slim finish piece, you could see where the siding didn't touch in some areas making the finished areas look pieced together. We came into the house and two of the three kitchen windows were fogged up (remember, the house is barely 6 yo),the cheap wood floors looked awful. Where the "wood" had texture, all the high areas were worn and what used to be dark now looked like pine color coming through, especially in front of the high traffic areas. Schumacher allowed the new homeowner to do the electrical throughout the house because he said he was licensed, honestly, I have no idea how it passed inspection.

There is an overkill of switch outlets in the house, so many in fact that the owners had to label them and the ones without labels, we still have no idea what they are good for. The wall plates have large holes (gaps) around the plate where the wall switch areas were cut too large and never patched and the same goes for the ceiling light fixtures in some rooms where the hole was cut too large. The cornice molding around the ceiling has a 1/2" in space between the pieces, even where the corners meet. The very first cabinet I opened in the kitchen, the *** came off in my hand, I tried to screw it back in and it just kept turning.

The laundry room is so small that the door wouldn't shut because of my dryer and they placed an oval dry duct into the wall which makes it tricky to fit and attach an exhaust hose. The master bedroom has a door that leads out to a second story deck, The exterior facing on the master bedroom door looks like it was painted with the same paint as the front porch columns. Speaking of the deck, at this very moment we have painters replacing rotted and warped wood and all the nails that were used to create the floor because the wrong nails were used. I don't know if Schumacher built this deck (I'm assuming they did since the lack of quality is familiar as the rest of the house).

Every single deck nail has been replaced with proper wood screws and now actually painted with a high end stain for protection. Moving to the master bathroom, the finish around the sink area was crap and unfinished, one of the sink faucets is leaking down under the sink so we haven't been able to use it until we can get it fixed (choose the biggest battles) the master shower door had been leaking into the floor which eventually made its way to the basement wood ceiling/floor onto the ceiling insulation, the master shower grout was unfinished and where there was the lack of grout you could see where mold had set into the spaces and behind tiles. By the way, when we first toured the home, you could see loose bits of cement/grout in the bottom of the shower around the walls. A month ago I was in one of two of the master closets where there is an attic door.

I happened to look up and I see mold all around the door to the attic. I had to pay for a company to come out and inspect the area and do mold testing. Yep, it's mold. Let's move to the garage, the garage door opener located on the wall, the button for opening the door has always been tricky.

I can't tell you the amount of times I have been locked out of my house. I would open the door and take the garbage out and the door would close on me before I could stop it, luckily my Mom lives with us and I would have to get her to let me back in the house. The electrical has been screwed up in the garage since we moved in to where, if I had the overhead lights on at the same time I used the garage door, our overhead garage light would go out along with the exterior lights over the garage but also killing our interior mudroom light, pantry lights and laundry room lights but the garage door opener light would stay on. I placed a very small refrigerator out in the garage and several times the refrigerator would be off, ruining our extra food.

Over the past 3 months the electrical issues have gotten worse. For some reason, which is not code, the homeowner who was supposedly a licensed electrician wired the garage incorrectly. Until I could get the electrician scheduled, they were kind enough to come out and test everything only to figure out that if we unplugged the garage from the plug located at the ceiling and plug it into a wall outlet with an extension cord but also leaving the refrigerator unplugged then the lights would not trip off when I opened the garage door. By the way, the electrician we hired for the garage issue also could not explain all the extra senseless outlets inside the house either.

While they were here they saw a large amount of wiring coming out of the side of the house at the ground on the garage side. All the wires were zip tied together and half hazardly sticking about 2-1/2 feet out of the ground. I showed the electrician where identical wires are located at the detached garage. We told him we would eventually like to dry in the detached building and have electricity which he assumed was the original owner's idea as well but guess what, The wires at the detached garage that are 3-1/2 feet tall and zip tied together are probably useless because the concrete exterior covered pad was poured on top of the wires causing an issue with pulling them over 6 ft.

to the actual building in order for them to be attached to a box. This means more money for wiring. We didn't immediately move in once we closed but did make trips over a month to bring boxes over, unfortunately the trips were always after dark in the winter. I say unfortunately because we had to call 911 four times before moving in.

The minute we would get close to the house you could hear FIRE! FIRE! The Fire Dept. trips were as follows; first trip - cut off all fire alarms upstairs and downstairs.

second trip - change all batteries, third trip - change all the smoke alarms and fourth and final trip - they had to remove all the alarms because they believed the wiring was the issue, not the alarms. Here we are at the end of 2020, 2 years later, with no safety smoke alarms. OH YEA, did I forget to mention that we also have $3,000 into fixing the well system? We had no water for nearly a month until the well could be fixed.

The pump system had not been put in correctly which meant we had to hire a company to come out and charge us the same price as a new well system being put in because the pump had been damaged from large pieces of sandy rocky sediment. We contacted our local Schumacher to see if there was any recourse against the company that put it in and we were pretty much ignored. Fast forward to today, we are constantly dumping money into a house that is not that old. Schumacher wants to tell you that you are covered by all these warranties but as a second owner, do you really want to have to sell a home because it starts giving you issues only for the second owners, like ourselves, to be told that NOTHING is covered under warranty if you are not the original owner.

They may tell you it's transferable but the companies that Schumacher uses for their products say otherwise. I do want to add that we did get an inspection, actually two inspections because some things didn't add up. The second inspection found the master shower water leak, mentioned the fogged windows, etc. Here's the thing, we asked homeowners to fix what we felt was serious and even though they were appalled and offended they half a$$ed fixed the grout at the sink and the master shower, they gobbed sealant on the floor where the water wouldn't seep downstairs, only puddle into the floor.

We made them replace the shower door seal at the bottom that looked as if it was cut too short and wasn't covering the entire width of the bottom of the door, again, this is a quality issue with Schumacher's choices in suppliers. Here is what I have learned from interviews with Schumacher salesman, speaking with other Schumacher homeowners and living in a Schumacher home; the company chooses the very cheapest labor and materials then mark it up for profit and if you want to upgrade, they still have cheap labor to install and do finish work and material suppliers are still the cheapest but also allows Schumacher to mark it up for a nice profit on the backend. Just because you request an upgrade doesn't mean it's quality, what it means is, on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest quality on the market below handcrafted custom pieces) you are getting about a 2 or 3 in material quality with your upgrade instead of the standard 1 graded materials that we normally put in new homes. I have to say that I paused when I first toured the local Schumacher model homes and noticed that the homes that had been on display for under five years had wavy vinyl siding you could clearly see on the sides of the house.

I ignored that hesitation and wrote it off as them using low quality material on temporary model homes but after owning one of their homes now, it's for real people. I feel as if the original homeowners just didn't care about a final walk through of their new home or didn't plan on being in this home for more than five years or just weren't too smart to see the obvious. The scary thing is, one of the homeowners was a real estate agent and should have been more professional with the way she treated our real estate agent and our punch list that were legitimate concerns but she was so offended. I know what some of you were thinking, "why in the world would you buy the house then." Well, you would have to see our beautiful property to understand.

We aren't high end people but do expect quality and felt that we could fix the small things and understood there was warranty to cover the window issues. We had no idea of the hidden issues that would arise such as the electrical, faucet leaking, mold that developed on the ceiling of the master and certainly not the cancellation of warranty for second homeowners. In all, as much as I would love to think that Schumacher is above board and a better choice when saving money with a custom homebuilder, I would say that it's simply not true. You are paying for subpar labor and material that are being sold to you as quality or upgraded.

You have to look beyond just the house and realize that they are willing to cut corners by allowing homeowners who have a license in something to complete work in areas that could eventually cause a house fire such as our electrical. By the way, we just learned that the electrical has to be redone downstairs, a place we don't live in or utilize in order to bring our home up to code with smoke alarms. I believe the homeowners simply ignored the issues with this home and decided to sell it to get out of it instead of fooling with getting Schumacher to do anything. Seeing how they were during the sell/buy process, I totally think it was easier to pack and move than to hold anyone accountable.

We are excited about the purchase of the property next door so we can build my Mother a home. As much as I would love a Schumacher floor plan, we have decided to go with a long time reputable company that demands quality of workmanship and material. We have decided to go through Lester Buildings under their residential division to create our perfect exterior building with warranties THAT DO last and be our own contractors to make sure the interior floor plan we chose from the Architectural Design website is everything we could hope for in a quality strong built home. I do want to close with, the above issues are not all the issues we have had but I believe it gives everyone a clear idea of why this home builder is not what they claim to be.

Anyone that wants photo proof of what I have written here, feel free to send me an email request and I will gladly send you photos.

I have created a temporary email just for this post. theblukraken at outlook dot com

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  • Lacks accountability
  • Lack of workmanship
  • Cheap materials with high mark up

Preferred solution: To stop others from being taken advantage of

User's recommendation: SMOKE AND MIRRORS


Don’t try to have a pocket door installed in your shumarker home they have sent 4 so called “professional carpenters “ to own home and we ended up installing the framing for it and we are on our 3rd wrong size door they had to order the front door 3 times I have never seen suck *** quality building I’ve seen better work in low income government housings this is the worst shoddy built house I’ve ever seen we are thinking of just flipping it and not moving in we are a month from co


Agree whole heartedly.


i agree 100%, We also had an awful experience!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1996393

Agree as well. Very arrogant and *** General manager and on site contractor.

They did everything to avoid us while on site.

Treated us like we were stupid. We had to remind them that they worked for us!!

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Lisa S Ecz
map-marker Scott, Louisiana

No accountability taken from general manager and upper management

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

My house is 6 years old. Recently my A/C unit stopped cooling.

When I called about the warranty I was told that it was for 5 years, so out of warranty. So I got a local A/C guy to check it out. When he went in the attic he found the inside unit full of rust and clogged up causing a leak of refrigerant due to faulty installation. He patched it but said he didn't know how long it would last.

Need a new unit.

We also found out that there is a 10 year warranty on this unit if it were registered. No one ever told us this.

Bottom line is that Schumacher is liable for this faulty installation and should provide me with a new inside unit.

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  • Contractor ben and design coordinator ashley were great to work with
  • Terrible customer service and poor quality

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Do not think about entering into a contract with this company. They are falsely advertising quality homes.

Christine L Ahj

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer
| map-marker Barbecue, North Carolina

Schumacher Homes Refused to fix warranty issues then voided the warranty

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Schumacher Homes Refused to fix warranty issues then voided the warranty
Updated by user Jul 18, 2022

I called customer service. They are so nice. But, they referred me back to the Warranty Team who has dropped the ball.

Updated by user Jul 17, 2022

Additionally, we did confirm with our lawyer that we can state all the facts of this situation. As long as we're truthful. All my statements are factual.

Original review Jul 17, 2022
Our home was constructed with materials that were left out in the rain. Our home was improperly engineered, which caused the house to sag around a 10-foot granite countertop.

Within six months, the home had obvious settling. The builder said, "settling is normal." The settling continued until trim, and columns separated from the walls and the floor was obviously caving in. Warranty Rep refused to answer emails and documentation. The warranty rep made false statements about our walls, stating we damaged our walls.

Our walls are not damaged.

We called a company to jack up the house because the builder warranty person refused to come out and see the damage or respond to emails. Builder Warranty person voided our warranty.
Within a few short months, our crawlspace and attic is filled with mold.
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  • Initial meetings
  • Design
  • Built what i wanted
  • Indifference
  • Warranty deception
  • Lack of workmanship

Preferred solution: I want the warranty manager disciplined. I want mold and foundation remediation.

User's recommendation: The home designs are beautiful. Take photos every single day, take videos, save all your documents.

Tracy C Xrw

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Verified Reviewer
| map-marker Copley, Ohio

They changed the columns.

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Schumacher Homes - They changed the columns.
Schumacher Homes - They changed the columns. - Image 2
Look at the cedar columns that Schumacher Homes of Akron, Ohio installed. The original design called for white columns. They cheapened the house and ruined their own design. It definitely takes away from the aesthetics of this home. Located in New Matamoras, Ohio.
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  • Cheap materials with high mark up

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Don't accept below par.

Chris V Ajv

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Verified Buyer

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer
| map-marker Harrison, Ohio

They over promise and vastly under deliver

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Schumacher Homes - They over promise and vastly under deliver
Schumacher Homes - They over promise and vastly under deliver - Image 2
Schumacher Homes - They over promise and vastly under deliver - Image 3

We signed a contract to build a 3599sqft ranch home in late 2020. We broke ground on 3/31/2021.

Schumacher boasts of their guaranteed move in date policy. Most of the sales meeting revolved around that. 150 days from breaking ground was the mantra. The contract actually says it's 150 days from when the foundation is done and also that houses over 3500sqft have a 210 day guarantee instead of 150.

Irritated that this was never brought to my attention, but that's on me for not reading the fine print. Things moved along OK until July 2, 2021. Then the house sat with nothing being done until the week of Thanksgiving. Communication from the builder was non-existent.

Our original coordinator was fired around October. Our guaranteed move in date has come and gone. As of this writing (1/31/2022) we still do not even have the rough electric finished. We'll be lucky to move in within 365 days of the foundation being done.

We signed a short term lease on an apartment thinking the house would be done by December 7 and we keep having to extend it, incurring increasing costs for short term leasing and of course, storage units for furniture and appliances.

The other part of the sales meeting revolved around their vetting process for tradespeople and how they only use the best of the best. So far, we've had issues with the siding coming off the house at the slightest hint of wind, failure to get the leech bed done on the septic system before winter set it (this means it cannot be done until late spring now), the rough electric has taken 3 weeks and counting, and the interior gas line was placed a good 10-12 feet away from where the gas company had set up for the meter (the gas company was kind enough to move the brackets after calling to ask why that was done).

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  • Initial meetings
  • Service up to contract signing
  • Design
  • Not true to word on fixing issues
  • Delays
  • Lack of communication

Preferred solution: Price reduction

User's recommendation: Avoid them like the plague.

1 comment
Aramis Mpu

oh my gosh.. same thing here..

no communication, just tell you what you want to her with no follow thru. just same covid stories.. shortage's.

i can pretty much go to home depot and get anything i need .. but they cant

map-marker Maiden, North Carolina

To warn others

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

The outside of the house is beautiful. The inside is terrible.

So many mistakes. My dream home became a nightmare home. Quality that they so highly talk about is BS. Wrong cabinets were put in.

They were suppose to be gray but are a brown. My general contractor just didnt care. My tile floors in the half bath and guest bath are ruined. The grout is pink because they didnt cover them correctly and the red clay they tracked in ruined the grout and again my general contractor just said why did I pick pink grout.

The shower pan in the guest bathroom is ruined. Looks like its very old because again they didnt cover it correctly. I have a bedroom door that hits my closet doors because they framed it wrong. Made it to big.

So when my doors came in they said they were missing a door, but they werent, they just needed a bigger one because of the framing. They framed the area where my refrigerator goes to big so now I have a gap. Of course when I pointed it out my contractor said I could hide money up there. It should have been framed 96 instead they did 100.

The stove area was cut to big. When we moved in I was without a stove for a month. They did fix that, with putting in another drawer. I dont know who they hire but they are terrible.

My punch list has not been completed and they said it would be done in 21 days. That should have been in November. It is now January. Once they get the last payment you never see them again.

The fan in the guest bathroom is still hanging down. If I was anyone wanting to build with them I would run as fast as you can away from them.

This is our fourth house we built and they are the worst builder ever. Would never ever recommend them to anyone.

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User's recommendation: Run as fast as you can

Cory C Tsd

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Verified Reviewer
| map-marker Benson, North Carolina

Resolved: I have some unresolved issues

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Updated by user Jul 21, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. Compensation provided to address the gap between specs and final build..

Updated by user Jul 21, 2022

I have an update on my complaint.This complaint has been addressed and resolved to my satisfaction as of Wednesday, July 20, 2022.Working with Jonathan Slaughter, the GM for Schumacher Homes out of Benson, NC, we have addressed the issue by way of monetary compensation...

Updated by user Jun 29, 2022

GM for builder in this area has agreed that the foundation height did not match what was communicated pre-build. He has also agreed that the house was moved forward on the lot during the build. I am waiting for confirmation that they will reimburse me the amount I have...

Original review May 03, 2022
I have unresolved punch list items as well as an overcharge on the foundation that I would like some remediation on. Currently in talks with company leadership to get to a resolution so I won't know how this pans out for a few more weeks. I will re-evaluate my rating at that point.
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Preferred solution: refund of the overcharge for the foundation work

User's recommendation: Be Cautious

Chrysandra C

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer
| map-marker Ironton, Ohio

How do I get an email sent to Paul Schumacher personally?

My husband and I decided on a home, went to every meeting, picked out our colors the whole process we were told we had to do. We were pre approved for est 500k. We had 2 property walks that were canceled due to an employee being ill with COVID. We were compassionate and waited over a month for another walk date. Then we are brought back to the office (2 hour drive) to be told that the company is no longer building in Scioto and Lawrence Counties. BUT they were going to honor our contract and go ahead with our build. We asked if we could go ahead and be put on the “Build” list as we were certain there would be no problems with the loan. WE were denied. Per your companies advice we went with your lending agency. We submitted our information to the lending team NO LESS than 5 times, due to misplacement or claims that they never received our info. We FINALLY made it thru the closing of the loan, which states in our closing statements that dig date will be no later than March 1, 2022. My husband received an email from Dan Santry that our dig date will not be until May if even then. This is complete unacceptable customer service. Quite frankly I feel we have be lied to so much that they aren’t even sure what is true. My father in law has end stage cancer and my husband stands very close to being deployed AGAIN with the United States ARMY. We need this house built badly as we are going to move his father in with us. We will be paying you over 777,000.00 dollars in total and we are being treated like this from the start?? I am a Director of Nursing over several facilities so I am very well aware of how a business should be ran and how it actually is ran. I feel extremely moved to speak with Mr. Schumacher because I feel that no one would ever volunteer this kind of information to him for obvious reasons. It is his business and I believe he should be made aware of issues like this. I believe I deserve at least some communication after being approved for almost a million dollar home. EXTREMELY disappointed. Please respond and help us make building our dream home a joy instead of such a headache.
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Run! Check out The delay may be a blessing in disguise.

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If you can, leave Schumacher as soon as possible. Look at their Better Business Reviews.

This company is privately owned so apparently, they feel no obligation to respond to customers. We signed our Schumacher contract in 2021 and here at the beginning of 2023 they haven't even finished digging out the basement.

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Jan W Jbi
map-marker Columbia, South Carolina

Promises made by warranty manager and not kept.

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Had a home built two 1/2 years ago right before Covid. There were quite a few issues i had to battle and still are most handled. One of my big issues is my back patio. Horrible quality wood and workmanship. Wood twisting on wood, wood terribly discolored--did not put any thing on wood to treat because warranty manager told me they were going to replace wood and redo. Kept telling me oh they going to deliver your wood where you want them to put. No wood has shown up yet. Every call there was an excuse. The old warranty manager got fired, and the new one tells me they will not be fixing the patio or replacing. Horrible. I will take pictures and video of the patio and if this is what Schumacher wants potential customers to see then so be it. I would not want my name associated with this patio. Nails sticking out, wood looks like it's 20 years old, poles twisting--manager says that is what is supposed to happen. DO I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT?. They take advantage of you, once they have their dollars, the customer's service stops, and they ignore you and stop delivering quality service. Many lies told about the window being replaced because it was leaking, that was a lie, finally the fourth person they sent out found the leak, but now the outside window is battered with a lot of nails because they kept trying to find the leak. SMH. They finally sent someone out to putty and paint to fix the window issues. Let's see how that goes. But MY PATIO IS AN EYESORE. I NEED SOMEONE TO REPLACE THIS MESS.
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  • Beautiful homes styles that allows customers to customize
  • Not true to word on fixing issues

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

User's recommendation: Let someone else build your outdoor patio.

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You should check out

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Buyer beware

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Signed papers to build April 13th of this year. We were told we would be in our home by Christmas! It has been nothing but one excuse after another. There are between 5 and 10 homes all around us here on Oak Island that started after us and have been completed, sold, and families living in them.
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Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

User's recommendation: Do not go with Schumacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You should check out



Schumacher Homes is a construction company that provides custom home building, easily viewed interactive new home plans and floor plans, and in addition, home financing programs. Schumacher Homes Company was founded by Paul Schumacher. Schumacher Homes has several design centers that provides a diverse range of home and floor designs. Paul Schumacher design centers have won several different awards for the design plans, decorated model homes and virtual innovations.
Schumacher Homes operates a number of locations in 10 U.S. states. The company is recognized as on of the leading construction companies in the Southeast of the United States.

Schumacher Homes reviews and complaints

Schumacher Homes is ranked 28 out of 362 in Home Builders category

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