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Update by user Mar 22, 2011

that is not snow it is plaster board that is wet and just some trash. i also have pics of house damage

Update by user Mar 22, 2011

i have alot more pics to prove what i say

Original review posted by user Mar 22, 2011

i'm building vail model it is an A frame home.it is in the woods on 5 acres.with trees everywhere. we are not permited to clear all of the land.

when they started to build there was no trash not even one food wraper.now there is trash everywhere there is trash all around the house piles of concreat,chunks of plaster board plastic bags boy i could keep going on to sum it up there is trash from the house to the septic tank that is about 75yards away.

to the next problem we had a walk through 21 days ago and i had to do there job and find all the things wrong like my fire place is not straight,there is a door with a hole in it. my tube in master bath has a big chunk missing the floors had damage kitchen, living, room, bathroom.i could list all the problems but it would take a book.

but here is the good part they sent me the papers for the final draw 2 months ago before i even saw the house. they called and said the house was done and finished. but they did not tell the truth. i was up there the day before they called and saw the house. i never said i was there just to see what they had to say everything they said was bull.i won't sign the papers till i'm happy

now i have another walk through this week and i was up there today there is still 15 big things that need fixed in the house. no includeing the things outside.

bottom line if you are having problems don't sign the final papers till everything is complete or you will be out of luck. they make there money on the final draw so all the money spent was on products and labor they don't make a dime till final draw. go buy from someone else anyone is better than schumaker homes.

my home is in pennsylvania

Product or Service Mentioned: Schumacher Homes House Construction.

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where did you learn english? This site has spell check too.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #695623

Not that Jake of Greensboro will read this (since his post is from 2011), but read the last post! Terrible punctuation, and what is "this as this complete" even saying?

Might I suggest learning the English language JakeAss.

Anyway, after reading all of the issues with Schumacher, I'm thinking about taking them off the list of homebuilders at this point. What a bummer, looked as if it was a really good deal.


Schumacher is awful- DO NOT USE THEM. It looks like a bunch of drunk 20 year olds painted our 3500 sq ft home- stain dripping on stair ballusters- complained numerous times- no satisfaction.

Painters are all a bunch of ex-cons who have to drive from OHIO to PA, don't want to be here and do a *** job. Carpet- even worse- not tacked down, find staples everywhere, placed carpet over diry subfloor bc they were in a hurry to try and get us closed.

Redid our deck 3 times- 1st was wrong color, 2nd used worng tread for stairs, 3rd only did the railing half way down 9 stairs and left it like that. Now closed, have yet to have anyone come back to fix our warranty items- even spoke to BILL SCHUMACHER and no reolutions- HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!


Sorry Jake - The above comment was written by myself. You need to read the above and think about your personal concerns.


Regardless of the education or writing skills you must understand people are upset with the quality of home building. Don't distract others from the primary concern: QUALITY WORKMANSHIP


Schumachers are building my house now and the painters went to the bath room in the middle of my basement . Not happy and I would like paul schumachers email if any body has that info .


I have not seen many people with at least a Bachelor's Degree criticize someone else for their lack of education. The review is to communicate with other consumer's and he did a good job.


My question is for Jake from Greensboro. Why did you choose to read this report?

Unless you work for Schumacher Homes or are considering building with them? As I read this because was considering building with them I was more concerned with the actual problems stated in the report, not his spelling.

Thanks for sharing your problems. After reading the numerous complaints regarding Schumacher Homes I have found on many websites, I think we will stay away from them.


On the contrary, I am not affiliated with the builder in any way shape or form. I cannot stand ignorance nor can I look past uneducated people this as this complete ***. Might I suggest the use of a spellcheck?????


Jake mus work for the builder. They have been on a web insulting spree.

They did the same to me. they lie and cheat.


You must be a total ignorant ***. You cannot spell and your english looks as that of someone who never finished the third grade.

No wonder you are having problems.

This poor builder cannot read what you are complaining about. ***.

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