Built home aprox. 3 yrs.

ago and still having problems with getting everything done that wasn't done right in the first place. It would take quite a while to list them all but here is just a few: problems with windows, doors, siding, floors, and more. Maybe we should all get together and file a class action suit against them. Not only for the frustrations and money they have cost us but also the untimely and ridiculous amount of time it takes things to get corrected.

Certain things have taken 3 or more times to get it done to only satisfactory condition and they still have not fixed many of the problems. Wish we never chose them as the builder, and I hope people realize that the hook with the bonus room isn't worth the horrible situation they will be in once they sign that contract.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I couldn't agree more. We are having similar problems with the home we built through the Ravenna Ohio office.

Cracked garage floors, basement and foundation, one wall was not properly braced and is pulling apart from the home,bathtubs cracking due to improper installation... We are now almost one year after "completion" of the build and still waiting for resolution. I've lost so much in time, money and tears over what was supposed to be the only home I was ever going to buy/build and live in for the rest of my life. Now, I'm sorry to say, I may outlive it...

Schumacher just wants to be done with me at this point and are very difficult to deal with. When all is done, I'm considering starting a non profit to help other Schumacher victims pull together for perhaps a class action suit or at least to provide more truthful marketing about their "quality".

to Rusty New Brighton, Pennsylvania, United States #929649

Sorry to her about the problems that you are having.

I am a custom home builder near ravenna.

I wish you would have talked to me.

I would have built you a beautiful home, on time and on budget.

And if you call our phone number with a question, you will speak with me, the owner.

And yes I answer my phone 24/7. My reputation is built on quality work not marketing bull s...!

to des Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #959599

We recently lost our home in a fire. We are on a limited time frame of getting a new home built.

Had a few meetings with people and we were leaning towards Schumacher. After our first meeting, we were pretty much sold. However, the salesman made a comment that I did not care for, which is the main reason I started doing research on reviews. He stated that he "didn't give a s***" if we went with then or someone else.

I have dealt in customer service my entire life. And regardless of what type of relationship you have with customers, you never say things like that to them. I also have been waiting to hear back from the guy. We have 9 days to sign before their prices go sky high.

So they claim. But I told him in the email to take a look at the modifications we made and give us a price. If the price looked ok, we would come within 24 hours to get things moving. After several days of waiting, I've concluded that he will wait until it is too late to get the original quoted price.

So basically, we are starting over. We have the plans, just need a good dependable, trustworthy and reliable builder. How would we be able to get in contact with you?

We are familiar with the buying process. just not the building process!!

to Rusty #1338014

Class action is exactly what we need!!

Carthage, Texas, United States #906376

whats the hook? are they offering a free bonus room or something?

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